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UniWest’s EC Solutions Team has developed the most technically advanced and operator-friendly portable eddy current testing system ever offered — the EVi.

Engineered by the UniWest Eddy Current solutions team, and manufactured in the United States, the new EVi works directly with the EddyView Family of probes and accessories. UniWest’s unmatched array of standard and optional signal processing, readout, data storage, alarm and display features set a new standard for flexibility of applications, ease of use, interpretation of data and overall operator accuracy than ever before possible in a portable NDI system.

The key to the EVi’s ground-breaking performance is the display of a previously unavailable visual image of the surface area under inspection alongside the customary eddy current signal displays in the form of impedance plane, A-scan or strip chart displays.

EVi provides a high precision, easily readable, visually accessible account of surface conditions which enable greater operator accuracy, improved interpretation of data, and more accurate discernment of cracks, pits, gouges and fretting.

By merging innovative surface imaging with UniWest’s renowned, best-in-class signal to noise and surface imaging technology, the EVi system sets a new world standard of precision for eddy current testing in a portable and easy to use package.

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