Myrfon | Alta temperatura hasta 500ºC
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Alta temperatura hasta 500ºC

Ultrasonic transducers designed from the ground up to operate continuously in extreme environments.Powered by the Ionix novel and proprietary piezoelectric technology, HotSense™ transducers offer reliable, stable and cost effective ultrasonic measurements at temperatures from –55 °C up to +550 °C and in the presence of ionizing radiation.
For use in applications across refining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear, aerospace and process sectors.


HPZ™ Piezo element

Ionix has invented a series of proprietary high performance piezoelectric materials (HPZ™) which enable devices that can serve a range of demanding environment applications.
Our ability to tailor materials optimised for high temperature capable, high strength and radiation resistance, makes for a versatile technology that is readily manufactured using conventional ceramic production techniques.
Alta temperatura