Myrfon | Measurement HUB
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Measurement HUB

HotSense™ Measurement Hub™

Low cost entry to thickness monitoring
Complete fixed-point ultrasonic thickness measurement solution for use with standard UT devices (thickness gauges and flaw detectors). The lowest cost entry point for non-invasive corrosion and erosion on-demand monitoring. Ideal for reducing Capex in applications across the refining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear and process sectors.


  • Houses up to 4 sensor connections to enable quick and easy measurements to be collected from HotSense™ transducers from an accessible location using standard NDT equipment and procedures.
  • Optional thermocouple integration for temperature measurement and compensation
  • Compatible with Ex installation configurations to enable simple data collection.


  • Your first step towards in-service automated integrity monitoring which uses your current NDT equipment and personnel
  • Increase your accuracy and precision by monitoring using installed transducers – up to 5X increase in precision compared to standard inspection methods.
  • Facilitate measurements in hot and inaccessible locations and increase data collection frequency for improved trending.
  • Reduce costs with replacement of intrusive manual methods and reduced scaffolding / insulation removal