Myrfon | Raptor
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  • A, B, C-scan Imaging
  • Drives range of scanners
  • Auto probe recognition
  • Multiple probe capability
  • Color display, portable


  • Standard package includes instrument, Pelican style shipping case, manual, batteries and AC
  • Splitscan view- Display A-Trace and B-scan or C-scan simultaneously
  • C-scan imaging
  • Imaging view: Encoded B-scan, spreadsheet view, pan & zoom, 3D, histogram
  • 20 point DAC included
  • Dual A-Trace Splitview
  • v Time and Encoded B-scan, (scanner optional)
  • Multiple Gate capability
  • Peak Echo hold: fixed or unique timed ‘waterfall’ reset
  • Calibration- Range, Delay, Zero and Velocity
  • Multiple probe capability
  • Auto probe recognition or library selectable
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Display intensity 10% – 100%
  • Audible and visual alarm modes, thickness high, low or high/low. Amplitude +/- level
  • Programmable user setups
  • Auto 80% gain control
  • Screen freeze mode, freeze and save
  • Selectable resolution
  • Windows based RAPWIN software for imaging analysis
  • F1-F8 Context sensitive direct access keys
  • Direct access keys to major menus


  • C-scan flaw detection or thickness gauging
  • Composite material flaw detection
  • Investment Castings Turbine blades
  • Tube and Pipe Corrosion mapping
  • Storage Tanks
  • Boilers Glass
  • Metals, plastics, composites, glass, rubber


Detectores de defectos, Mapeado de corrosión, NDT Systems, Ultrasonidos (UT)