Myrfon | TD Corrosion Mapping Kit
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TD Corrosion Mapping Kit

The kit is compact and provides connections for D-type and MIL encoder connectors. Using our Pulse echo software with the ‘Camera’ option in the scanner setup, we provide an easy alternative to scanning with bulky x/y scanners.

  • No mechanical scanners
  • Free-hand scanning
  • Easy set-up
  • Works with all TD systems

Contents of kit:

  • Articulated ‘Magic Arm’
  • CCTV Camera with lense
  • Infrared Filter
  • Infrared LED
  • Probe (Twin Crystal, 5Mhz, 0º)
  • 2m Umbilical Cable (for attachment to any of our systems)
  • 2m Co-axial UT Cable
Mapeado de corrosión, Technology Design, Ultrasonidos (UT)