Myrfon | TD Focus-ScanRX
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TD Focus-ScanRX

The NEW TD Focus-Scan RX is our next generation ruggedized portable phased array flaw detector, delivering everything the operator requires to carry out inspections in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing and Aerospace markets. The Windows based operating systems performs at gigabit Ethernet speeds and supports 2D matrix probes as well as linear array. The systems are available in a variety of configurations and comes complete with Eclipse Beam Tool on-board.  Very powerful and easy to deploy on a daily basis.


  • Configurations available up to 64/128PR
  • 8 Independent Conventional Ultrasonic Channels
  • 3 Axis Encoding, video tracking
  • Simultaneous PA and ToFD data collection
  • On-Board 2-axis Motor Control Drive Unit
  • Extensive On-Board Analysis Tools
  • Powerful Reporting Functions
  • Integrated ESBeamTool®
  • User Replaceable Batteries (hot swappable)
  • 128GB SSD Storage
Instrumentos Phased Array (PA) y ToFD, Technology Design, Ultrasonidos (UT)