Myrfon | TG950
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  • High-Resolution (0.0001in, 0.0025mm)
  • Auto Probe Recognition
  • Multi-probe capability
  • USB, data logging, alarm modes
  • Benchtop


  • Single Element: Can only use single element probes
  • Alarm Mode: Alarm mode on limits
  • Differential Mode: Differential measurement from set value
  • Auto Zero: Can automatically zero thickness
  • Adjustable Gain: Gain can be adjusted
  • Data Logging: Data logging in gauge
  • Scrolling B-Scan: Displays Time based B-scan
  • Variable Units: Change between mm/ inch
  • Multi-Probe: Can use multiple probe types
  • High Resolution: Resolution to 0.0001″
  • Benchtop: Designed for benchtop use
  • USB Connectivity: USB port
  • Rechargeable: Can be recharged
  • Auto Probe Recognition: Automatically recognizes probe type
  • Adjustable Velocity: Velocity can be adjusted
  • Point Calibration: Single & Two point calibration
  • Min/ Max Mode: Measures max and min thickness
  • Standard package includes instrument, battery pack and AC charger
  • Backlight- on/off/auto
  • Single and two point calibration
  • Coupling indicator
  • Minimum thickness capture mode
  • Data logging
  • Programmable user setups
  • Time encoded B-scan, 500Hz response
  • Thickness scan bar
  • Viewport output connector to Oscilloscope
Medidores de espesor, NDT Systems, Ultrasonidos (UT)