Myrfon | Corrosion Inspection Solution
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Corrosion Inspection Solution

  • For pipes, elbows, pressure vessels & storage tanks
  • Fast survey mode (J scan)
  • Precision x-y scanner
  • Raptor + Armadillo + RCA 10
  • Imaging & 3D modeling


  • Complete corrosion inspection package for thickness, corrosion, flaws
  • Includes Raptor, RCA-10, Armadillo, Transducers, RBCU-1 battery unit, 15ft interface cable, AC chargers, Pelicase and more
  • Fast survey mode and precision X-Y scan mode
  • Battery operated
  • Liquid feed
  • Hand-scanner and magnetic wheeled automated X-Y scanner
Mapeado de corrosión, NDT Systems, Ultrasonidos (UT)