Myrfon | Remote wireless corrosion/erosion monitoring
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Remote wireless corrosion/erosion monitoring

Sensors & System Solutions

We combine our market leading HotSense sensors with the best fit data collection systems to provide a complete non-invasive corrosion monitoring solutions to deliver key asset integrity data, meeting cost, HSE, and operational targets.
Minimise operation risk and maximise productivity with enhanced asset data and intelligence.


  • Increase what can be monitored -55˚C to +550˚C [-67 to 1,022 ˚F].
  • Increase Safety – certified FM Cl 1 Dv 1-2, ATEX & IECEx Zone 0-1
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Cost efficient
  • Improved network stability
  • Maximise flexibility


  • Automated measurements
  • Data Security
  • Configurable alarms
  • In-house data access
  • Built-in calibration


  • Fully WirelessHART certified and compliant
  • Remote measurement configuration and maintenance
  • Battery monitoring and simple replacement